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UNESCO, Alvar Aalto, and EduEffect

On February 1st 2021, the government of Finland proposed adding 13 of Alvar Aalto’s architectural sites to UNESCO’s tentative world heritage site list. The architectural sites are considered some of Alvar Aalto’s greatest works and are examples of enduring human genius. Included among these sites is the Jyväskylä University campus and the Säynätsalo town hall. These sites are especially important to us at EduEffect since most of us have fond memories of studying, working, and spending time on the campus. 

Alvar Aalto and EduEffect also have something in common: both consider Jyväskylä to be their hometown. Alvar Aalto was a visionary of his time and he is widely regarded as Finland’s greatest modern architect. Walking around Jyväskylä you can see some of the works Aalto left to remind us of his enduring vision; a synthesis of nature and architecture. Bricks, glass, stone, leaves and light come together to create a symphony of ergonomics, comfort, and aesthetics.

We at EduEffect also believe in a synthesis, a synthesis of education, good working and teaching practices, positivity, equality, and sustainability. We consider our team, our products, and our work environment as a symphony, one in which each of us plays a vital part to make a vision into reality. And we are overjoyed that our campus will one day be considered a world heritage site. For us, with our memories and our time spent there, the work of Alvar Aalto already has a special meaning, and is an inalienable part of our heritage, a heritage that we would love to share with the rest of the world.

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