About EduEffect Finland

In 2018, we came up with a vision. This vision was to share the Finnish educational system to international groups through educational tourism and online courses. The idea was to design these trips and courses in accordance to the groups’ unique needs and wishes.
We are proud to introduce you to the best that Central Finland and Jyväskylä have to offer. This includes the unparalleled educational institutions, the pristine nature that surrounds the city, the rich, living cultural heritage, and services for your well-being.
Here are few examples:

Our core values are equality, passion for learning, commitment, honesty and sustainability.

Publications by our National Board of Education:

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Teachers and principals in Finland 2018

Key statistics on education in Finland. Oecd Education at a glance 2018


We have a wide network of local partners, and through our network, we can offer each group a customized visit planned according to their needs and wishes.
Here you can find a list of some of our partners:


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