News from EduEffect Finland


Presenting our new pilot project!

Great news! Our pilot project is off the ground! Last June, we had the privilege of being able to teach several online lessons, in collaboration with our partners in China. Our tailored lesson package focuses on the concept of “language showering”, a pedagogical method developed at the University of Jyväskylä. This educational package would not have been possible without the teamwork and collaboration done between our team, our partners in China, and the University.

“Language showering” is a pedagogical technique that focuses on activating learner motivation. The main goal is to allow the learners to learn through spontaneous play and actions, and allows for positive experiences, which will enhance their learning ability in the future. “Language showering” isn’t a marathon, it’s a sprint; the idea is to motivate through short, intensive spurs of language exposure.

The course has been designed for kindergarten teachers from China, who are looking for new, innovative, and dynamic tools in regards to early childhood language acquisition. We at EduEffect believe that by sharing knowledge of the “language showering” method, we emphasize the importance of positive experiences in language learning from early on, which is proven to create a path towards lifelong language retention.

Our course teachers have been very pleased with the course, as well as the feedback we have received. The overall feeling has been positive, enjoyable, exciting, and fun. The initial worries of the first class wore away within the first ten minutes, and afterwards we found the entire experience quite stimulating. We have managed to learn a lot as well, which is a huge bonus to us. So far, we have taught four classes, and we still have many left to go.

The pilot project is go for launch, and we hope this is just the first of many successful online courses in varied topics that we will be designing, teaching, and providing in the future. It might be summertime, but class is back in session here!

Happy summer everyone!