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Day of Wellbeing

Työhyvinvointi = Wellbeing at Work

Last Wednesday, the EduEffect team had the chance to test out our latest product: a wellbeing at work package. It consists of fun games and activities designed to bring colleagues closer together in the workplace. The package is suitable for different kinds of companies looking for ways of integrating their workplace in a fun way. In addition, this package is also available for our international guests coming to Jyväskylä as a leisure activity! 

The activities include tasks that develop problem solving, cooperational skills and agility. For example, our team played a game of slingshot, where three people operate a huge sling and the other two try to catch the balls in buckets. We also have activities that are less athletic, that include fun problem solving tasks and quizzes. The activities included in the package can be modified according to the needs and wishes of the group. 

While having fun with the activities, our team made sure to sanitize our hands constantly, and keep a distance as much as possible. However, despite the precautions, the whole day was filled with laughter and fun. At the end of the day, we felt closer to each other as a team. We are very excited to host wellbeing at work events for our clients in the future!

We here at EduEffect wish you a happy summer!