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E-Learning in a Changing World

The world changes and so do we. The global crisis has impacted the field of education in substantial ways, and has made us change our perceptions of how we deliver education to classrooms around the globe. Teachers and educators all over the world have had to learn new skills and gain knowledge of different types of teaching technologies. 

It is no longer a mere bonus to know how to use digital tools in teaching, it is a necessity. Teachers with a lifetime of experience in the field have had to take a major leap and reinvent themselves as online educators. Being an educator means that you have to constantly develop and learn new skills, always asking questions and never staying stagnant. 

One of the answers to these new challenges is E-learning, or education through online platforms. We here at EduEffect are striving towards developing and evolving e-learning, so that we can deliver the best possible pedagogical methods to classrooms, regardless of where they are in the world. We are dedicated to taking the step towards online learning so that education can be accessible, no matter the global situation. 

Because of this globally shared adversity, we as teachers, students, and educators, must embrace the new technological developments, or risk getting left behind. Edueffect Finland is proud to be working on online learning projects, something we had not expected to do when we started last year.

We wish you a happy October!