Online Courses

Are you interested in learning about the Finnish way of education? Is coming to Finland not possible for you or your organization at the moment? We at EduEffect offer online courses based on Finnish pedagogy.  They are fully customized according to your needs and preferences.

The Story

Although originally focused on educational travel experiences, the recent pandemic situation pushed our team to get creative, and expand our product line. We quickly found a new and innovative way to share our knowledge and expertise with our customers: our online courses based on Finnish pedagogy.
In June 2020, we launched our pilot course focused on Language Showering with our partners in China. The course together with our seminar package will expand in collaboration with different partner organizations around the world during the year 2020. 
The courses have been customized according to our clients’ needs and preferences. They rely on professional and academic expertise, and use the latest technology provided by our partners at the Sustainable Digi & Game Ecosystem.
Contact us, and we will answer your questions and wishes regarding these courses.


Click on the video to see behind the scenes footage from our Language Showering course!