News from EduEffect Finland


Sticking Together through Social Distancing

These past few months have been challenging for everyone. It’s been important for EduEffect to stick together and be united during social distancing. Despite these challenges, we have succeeded in developing our brand and creating a wonderful and inspiring working environment. We have been tirelessly working toward bringing Finnish education, culture and nature to the world.

Since the current situation has stopped us from seeing each other in person, we have focused on our social media presence. Our social media team has been busy creating content on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. We feel that good social media presence is important for connecting with like-minded people and potential partners. We are really proud of our intrepid social media team!

To adapt to the global situation, we have begun developing a unique online course package, which we are proud to share with our partners in Vietnam. The course is based on language showering, which is a method researched in the University of Jyväskylä. Language showering is designed to immerse children in foreign languages through short spurs of activity, for example songs and games. This method has been proven to be very helpful in children’s language development. We look forward to starting the online courses and bringing our knowledge to the world.

We have recently been making new connections domestically as well, and we are excited for our partnership prospects. For example, one of our new partners is a sheep farm that focuses on sustainability and ethical food production. We are excited to create new travel possibilities for our customers and integrate local businesses into our network of amazing partners. 

Our team has also been socializing within the company. Even while social distancing, we managed to set up an online party where we played games, had fun and got to know each other a bit better. We believe that there is no good working relationship without a good relationship. We feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such a good group of people.

It’s been pretty exciting for us, even while social distancing and dealing with the challenges it poses. We will continue developing our products and future prospects. Let’s see what the future brings! 

The picture below is from our online get together!