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(Jonne Rautio, 16.3.2020)

It’s wonderful to be working together with a group of people ready to face the world and people time and time again full of enthusiasm, creativity, communal spirit and, most importantly of all, an appreciation of equality. On top of this, our employees also have our management’s full understanding, support and guidance. Together, through joy and a positive outlook for the future, we make up a dynamic educational travel company – EduEffect Finland Oy.

A team of about ten employees has been working from the beginning of March, their goal being to bring as many international educational groups (principals, teachers, students and pupils), who are interested in Finnish education, nature and wellbeing to Jyväskylä, Central Finland. These groups will receive about a week-long tailored travel plan based on their wishes and needs; the travel plans’ contents vary, sometimes focusing on education, schools, learning or summer camps.

Since Finnish educational expertise, wellbeing and nature have been at the center of international interest, we want to offer an experience to Edu-travelers coming to Jyväskylä showcasing why Finland has the happiest people in the world. The Finnish education system’s unique formula of nurturing knowledge through education, as well as physical and mental wellbeing around clean nature is a recipe for success.

We are living in exceptional times, and we at the EduEffect team will be doing our part in this global event. Fortunately, we have multiple options for keeping in contact at our disposal and we will be having meetings online to ensure the safety of our employees. However, meeting through Zoom, Hangouts, Skype or Teams does not replace seeing one’s co-workers in person. The same applies to our clients, even though some of our educational products are online courses.

Behind every great company there’s a brilliant community of workers. Our Jyväskylä’s energetic and motivated EE-team is presented in the picture below. The picture was taken at the end of February in the facilities of the University of Jyväskylä.

Starting from the left: Pinja, Veera, Margarita, Jussi, Sara, Marko, Jonne, Erika, Emmi, Hanna, Emmi and Emmi